Well That Would Have Been Nice To Know…

If read my last post you’ll know that I stayed up till ungodly hours of the morning formatting and editing my story so I could enter it in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. I was and am very happy I got it done on time. However, it turns out that after you submitted your work you can still edit your document until the contest submission period closes. So really, I didn’t have to rush like a crazy person to get it done. I had two more weeks to play with it once it was entered.


Oh well, if I had waited and given myself more time then the contest would probably have filled up then I would have been really annoyed!

The nice part about this realization was since I was able to go back and edit it, I was able to do one last leisurely readthrough. Now I thought I’d taken out a lot of adverbs and unnecessary words during the first edit, but apparently not. My husband has jokingly dubbed me the Queen of Adverbs and Monarch of Commas. I think I reduced my document by over 100 words just be removing slightlys and quietlys!

I am now REALLY glad I got to do one last edit as I’m sure this story would NOT have made it past the second cut with all those adverbs! And now that I know I add them too often, I can be more careful when I’m working on the second book.

I read an article someone posted on Twitter, which I unfortunately didn’t save, about how every author has one thing they repeat in their writing that they shouldn’t. The article’s author’s problem was repeating lists of three things, like “It was old, gold, and cold.” I now know that no matter how good it sounds in my head, adding slightly to almost every verb is NOT the way to go.

Do you have a quirk that you’ve noticed in your writing that you usually end up cutting out come editing time? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great day! 🙂

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