Hello again! Remember me?

Okay, so I’m not very good at blogging regularly. I’ve been busy, but I guess you figured that out. Hmm…I guess when I’m gone this long without posting it’s best to read my last post so I remember what I was talking about last time. Be right back!

* * * * *I’m back! Wow it’s been three weeks since I posted last? And you are all still following me? Thanks! I promise I’ll try to post more from now on.

Anyway, since we last met, our hero (me) had just finished editing her first book and submitting it to a contest. I probably told you this already, but I ended up splitting my book into two novels. The first book is done and I am now working on the second. I had thought that the second book was about 1/3 of the way done. Hahaha! Apparently I was mistaken!

I finished editing it and then broke it into chapters that were about the same length as the chapters in the first book. My first book ended up with 19 chapters and a word count of about 98K. My second book currently stands at 7 complete chapters and 44K words. So if I want the two books to be about the same length, then I’m actually about halfway done. But the story isn’t!

I had no intention for this story to be two books long and I certainly had no intention for this story to be three books long! Well that and I don’t think I have three books worth of story. It’s more like 2-1/3 books worth, 2-1/2 at most. Now I was planning on doing a third book, but it would be about what happens after this story is over and also cover some backstory on one of the main characters.

I’m not sure how this story got away from me, but it seems to have a mind of its own. I feel like I’m stuck in Zeno’s paradox. No matter how close I am to the end, I just can’t seem to get all the way there! Does this happen a lot? Because I’d really like to finish this story sometime in the near future and it is just not cooperating with me. And I thought my characters were troublemakers…

Story Time Fine Art Print by elr104

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