Spotty At Best

The title of this post can describe both my blogging habits of late and the progress of one of the main reasons I haven’t had time to post. And that reason is: I’m in the process of potty training twin boys. There, I hope reading that has made you a little happier about your own life.

Seriously though, I have been writing. Not as much as I would like, but the story is coming along. I’ve also been doing a lot of mental planning, since I’m away from my computer more than I normally am. I think I’ve got the end of the story figured out scene wise. Now I just have to get from where I am now to the end of the book. Piece of cake! (She says sarcastically.)

I think if I can just get through the scene I’m working on now, the rest of the story will follow. But this scene is kicking my butt and I don’t know why! As I said on Twitter, it’s like pulling teeth to get the words out for this one. Maybe I’m just too distracted with the kids? I don’t know. But I’m not going to let this one scene sidetrack my whole story. I will finish this book! Just wish me luck okay?

Stuffed Animal Twin Monkeys by SewnNatural

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