Wonders Never Cease

Isn’t this amazing? I’m posting twice in one week! Actually, the reason I’m updating is because I feel guilty. The last time I posted, which was Tuesday, I told you that I had two things to do and I was going to get them done. Bets on whether that happened or not? Come on give it a guess.

Well, for those of you who that guessed I shirked my duties, you are correct. I got lots of other things done around my house like cleaning, dishes, laundry, feeding the children, but every time I sat down to do anything that required a creative touch, my brain would just wander off. To be fair I was up at 6am every day this week because my children are evil, but since I set a goal and missed it I felt obligated to “fess up” as it were.

I did start working on the review, but it was coming out terrible and I don’t want to write a half-assed review of a book I really liked. I didn’t even start thinking about the synopsis. Okay that’s not true. I did start thinking about it, but it kept glowering back at me like a giant pair of eyes inside a dark closet, so I would get scared and quickly move onto something else.

Then last night I decided that avoiding this stuff was just silly and I sat down to work. However, instead of working on the synopsis, I decided to ease into things a bit and send out another batch of queries and organize my list of agents so I wouldn’t double send or accidently query two agents from the same agency. I also tweaked my query and did some other housekeeping stuff on my new computer (Windows Updates take forever!).

Now I feel much more accomplished and with that small boost of confidence, I think I can finally make an attempt at kicking the synopsis monster’s butt. Any tips or advice? I asked my writing buddies on Fantasy-Faction who were kind enough to offer their advice, but more advice is always welcome. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monster Painting by daisypaint

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