My Books

I am currently writing my first fantasy series: Fading Marks Cycle.

Book I
Mark of the Essence

The magic binding the Essence spirits to the people of Delmara is coming undone. The cause is rumored to be the reappearance of the kingdom’s missing royal mystic – the keeper of the Essence magic. Genevieve fits the bill, from her age to the birthmark over her heart. She becomes trapped in a power struggle between the tyrannical King and the resistance sworn to dethrone him – both sides plotting to use her abilities to gain control of Delmara.

What the fearful kingdom doesn’t know is that Genevieve is, in reality, a simple artist from another world. Mistaken identity or not she wants nothing to do with the kingdom or its magic. She just wants to go home.

While fleeing the warring factions of king and countrymen, Genevieve crosses paths with the assassin Kora, who is running from her guild to save her unborn child. But when fate is determined before birth and marks the skin for all to see, a person’s future can be as inescapable as their past. Kora’s only chance for her child’s survival may be in the hands of the hunted artist. But they must discover who Genevieve really is before the powers that be catch up with them.

Can either woman change their fate or are the marks of the Essence more than just skin deep?

Mark of the Essence, is a portal fantasy complete at 110,000 words, and is set in a world of magic and technology.

– – –

Book II
Mark of the Flame
This book follows our heroines and their companions through the second half of their story and is currently in progress.

– – –

Book III
Mark of the Blood
This book will continue on from the third book and explain the history and future of one of the main characters.


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