The Dusty Past

Antique, Handsewn Quilt by liane tyrrel

I spent today helping a friend clean out her house in prep for a move. Actually, I did the same thing Sunday and will be continuing again on Friday. I love helping go through things, especially if it’s older stuff. It’s like an archaeological dig. Each layer brings you closer to the past and each item reveals more about the time in which it was made and used.

Long ago and far away, my parents had a business selling things on Ebay. I worked as their photographer for a year in-between jobs. It was so much fun! On top of my love of researching old things and learning about their history, I also love taking and fixing photos. At the time it was my dream job.

Nowadays, there are a lot more people who know what Ebay is, which makes it harder to turn a profit selling fulltime, due to a glut of items available. But when I get a chance to help clean out a house I jump on it! And now home, and covered in dust, I feel very satisfied. Not only did I get to help a friend, but I got a small peek at history as well. ❤

Happy Writing! 🙂

Title image by Liane Tyrrel.