The Fantasy-Faction Anthology

When I’m not chasing children or creating strange new worlds in my head, I am Co-Editor at Last year we put out our first anthology, The Fantasy-Faction Anthology.

The Fantasy-Faction Anthology (cover)“From award winning website, Fantasy-Faction, comes an anthology of short stories and articles celebrating the fantasy genre’s diversity. Dragons, magic, clones, portals and swords are just some of what awaits you on the quests and investigations within. Written by a combination of genre giants and previously unpublished authors, this is Fantasy-Faction in a book.”

And who are these amazing authors? Well here they are (in order of appearance):

Richard Morgan, Mark Lawrence, Jessalyn Heaton, Anne Lyle, Jon Sprunk, Edmund Wells, Kameron Hurley, Rene Sears, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Myke Cole, Miah Sonnel, James Barclay, Daniel Beazley, Richard Ford, Mark Charan Newton, Michael J. Sullivan, and John Yeo Jr.

The anthology is currently available worldwide on Amazon (US/UK) and its profits go toward keeping Fantasy-Faction up and running!

We are planning to do more anthologies in the future, so be on the lookout for more details soon!


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